Privacy policy

Basic information

  1. Website domain name is owned by AS Balticom
  2. This privacy policy applies only to the domain. Our site may contain links to other webpages that belong to third parties. A / S Balticom is not responsible for the security and privacy of the third-party sites.
  3. The purpose of this privacy policy is:
    1. Specify the principles according to which data are collected and processed.
    2. To explain what data is being stored and processed
    3. How data is used and who has access to it.
  4. Statistics are collected and processed using Google Analytics (GA), a website analytics tool developed by Google Inc.
    1. The protection of user data through GA, submits to Google's Privacy Policy, which can be found here:
    2. GA automatically receives the following data:
      1. Visit time
      2. Visitor's IP address
      3. Visitor domain name (domain provided by ISP)
      4. Visitor's country
      5. Visitor's browser
      6. Visitor's computer operating system
      7. Visitor's monitor resolution
      8. Webpage the visitor has previously viewed
      9. Information about the sections that are visited on
      10. Information about the links that are clicked on
      11. visit duration
      12. The page visitor goes to after he leaves
      13. Files downloaded by visitor from
      14. And other statistical information used by GA
  5. Stored information that was entered and left by user on the website.
    1. First name, last name specified by the visitor.
    2. Username and password chosen by the visitor.
    3. An email address that the visitor enters.
    4. The information specified in the connection application, which is filled out online.
    5. Visitor's contact information
    In addition to the information mentioned in paragraphs 4 and 5, may request information from the visitor about services, marketing, sales or other issues related to the provision of AS Balticom services.
  6. Cookies website uses cookies. (Cookies - is an array of data that the site server sends to the web browser to save it on the user's hard drive. This data is used to personalize the visitor’s actions on the sites).
    1. uses cookies to improve user experience.
    2. Visitor may block the use of cookies. If you use Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options, if you use Netscape Edit/Preferences, if you use Firefox Tools/Options/Privacy.
  7. Data usage
    1. Data mentioned in the 4th paragraph are used for statistical purposes, for example, to identify the most visited pages, the most frequently used browser. This information is used to improve the content and structure of
    2. Data mentioned in the 5th paragraph shall be used for administrative purposes in order to ensure access to the information that is provided for customer service and services.
    3. Data mentioned in the 6th paragraph are used to save user settings and identify user activity in separate sections of
  8. Copyright
    1. All the content on website such as trademarks, logos and other intellectual property belongs to its owners.
  9. Although computer systems are not 100% secure, AS Balticom makes every effort to ensure that visitors' information and the data they enter cannot be misused or altered.
  10. AS Balticom - the owner of doesn’t pass on data received from the website to third parties (except if it is required by the laws of the Republic of Latvia).
  11. privacy policy change
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