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8 Basic Telephony Features

Unlimited Talks
You pay a fixed amount monthly for an unlimited number of calls to all networks in Latvia (landline and mobile), which allows you to control your expenses and save money.
Convenient Numbering
You can quickly contact your colleagues using a short internal number, as well as connect the client with other employees.
Interactive Voicemail
Provides the ability to set a greeting text in a language that is preferable to your customers, as well as set up a working time notification for customer convenience.
Call Distribution
It will help to distribute incoming calls among employees according to their scope of work, your client will be able to choose a topic for conversation, and his call will be automatically routed to the appropriate department.
Email Notifications For Missed Calls
Not a single missed call from your client will be lost – from now on you will receive email notifications when a call is missed.
Flexible Call Forwarding
Client will always be able to reach your company since calls are forwarded within the department, as well as to a mobile phone if necessary.
Conversation Recordings
The ability to control the work of your employees, to improve service quality and to solve any controversial situations in one “click”.
Branch Unification
Unite an unlimited number of branches in Latvia or abroad into a single network. You will be able to talk to partners and colleagues for free, regardless of the location of the branch.
Telephony is connected via Internet, no extra wires needed
In addition, thanks to the internet connection, your managers will be able to make calls in any of the following ways:
From a landline phone that is connected to the Internet via network cable.
From a wi-fi phone connected to your router.
From a computer using special programs that are connected to Balticom telephony via Internet.

Cheap International calls

Great Britain
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0,0199 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0232 € / min.
from 0.0194 € / min.
from 0.0362 € / min.
from 0.187 € / min.
from 0.0811 € / min.
from 0.45 € / min.
from 0.32 € / min.
Check how much a minute of conversation will cost
Enter the international country code for the country you are calling, followed by the local number.
Example: 37129333333
Country and operator:
Call rate:
€ / min.

Your benefits

Quick & Easy Installation
Our master will connect and set up telephony at your convenience, as well as introduce you to the functionality of the devices and answer your questions
Keep Your Number
You can choose a new memorable number or transfer your existing number from another operator to AS Balticom network.
Free Equipment Setup
Our system administrator will install and configure the necessary equipment at no additional cost.
24h Technical Support
If You have questions, we will reply at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays.
The ability to use telephony anywhere You like
You can use telephony wherever You are on the Internet, as well as use numbers from other countries without their actual presence.
Flexible Installation System
If necessary You can always change current telephony settings or add workstations. Simply contact our manager.
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Our main task is to find the best solution for Your business.
Big office or a small store, spacious warehouse or a cosy workshop – nowadays every company has a telephone line to communicate with their clients, partners and employees. Modern business telephony has stepped forward and makes it possible to use options that not only bring ease to the working process, but also significantly reduce call costs. You can get a free reporting and call control system that will allow You to solve any controversial situation with Your client and effectively monitor the work of employees. This system will help You to improve the quality of Your service, increase the number of potential customers and raise the profits of your company.
Mikhail Kalinin
Head of the business department
We Can Be Trusted
19 years of experience in the field of telecommunications
1,423,000 € company's authorized capital
2 920 companies trust our services
In the development of our own optical network was invested 5,379,838 €
In 2017 AS Balticom paid € 2,155,277 of taxes to the state budget
The company has 192 employees
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