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Optical Internet in Bukulti

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Internet Tariffs

Minimum guaranteed internet speed: 60 Mbps
Internet speed:
up to 100 Mbps
12 14 8 50 50 50 €/mo.
Līguma kopsavilkums
Minimum guaranteed internet speed: 180 Mbps
Internet speed:
up to 300 Mbps
15 17 11 50 50 50 €/mo.
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Minimum guaranteed internet speed: 360 Mbps
Internet speed:
up to 600 Mbps
17 19 13 50 00 50 €/mo.
Līguma kopsavilkums
Minimum guaranteed internet speed: 600 Mbps
Internet speed:
up to 1000 Mbps
18 19 14 00 50 00 €/mo.
Līguma kopsavilkums
Viktorija Orlova
Head of the department of connections
If You need help in choosing the best tariff or connection advice, our managers will be happy to assist You. Call or leave a request!

Why 98091 Families Choose Balticom

Technical Support 24/7
In case of malfunctions, we will solve them at any time of the day. Even at night!
If you move to another address, the agreement shall remain in force
If you move, you don't have to worry about the two-year agreement, we will transfer the agreement to your new address.
Identical Upload and Download
You can download and upload files at the same speed in Latvia and abroad.

Internet and Television in Bukulti

Balticom provides the most modern television, both digital and interactive, for residents of Riga and the Riga region. Among 115 channels, as many as 75 in HD quality. Our masters will connect TV and configure all the necessary equipment so that you can enjoy a high-quality picture and a wide selection of TV channels.